To be good stewards of the environment we are no longer mass producing the magazine. We would send you it be email or you can read it online on the website. However we know a small number would still like it in print and you can request a copy here - this will not be in the style of the old magazine and will mainly contain the text of the articles as photos do not print well.

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Pop up shop with heart

Saturday 15th May found us at the Micah project “Open Day” in front of St.  Meddan’s Church. Our granddaughter was delighted to find some football strips which fitted her,  Scotland ones of course! I did meet Rev. Andrew McGurk, who like me was looking for the “menswear department”. Probably both of us had watched the TV programme “Are you Being Served” and expected Mr Grainger (Arthur Brough) to be in attendance. There was a serious reason for the visit and that was to raise funds for the Micah Project which Helen Hogg, our Family Worker, had been involved with since the start. Part of St Meddans Parish Church Covid Recovery “support to the community” it seeks to help families in the community. Throughout the pandemic and to date, Micah has received requests for various types of support, read more about it on the website:-  

It’s aim is to enable people to live more eco friendly, healthier lives and show kindness with grace to those around us. The Micah Project also recognises the spiritual element in wellbeing and wishes to help those who may have found this past year, a particularly hard one. They hope to continue to provide support and care within our community.

The words from Micah chapter 6 verse 8 are great words to underpin this project: 

"Act Justly, Love Mercy and Walk Humbly with your God”. 


At the next table was Sheila Smith and her band of volunteers who were working for Christian Aid Week. This year again, the usual fundraising events - coffee mornings, soup  lunches, etc. have had to again be cancelled, so this “Covid Sanitised Stall” was a great way to create some much needed publicity and income, £120! I turned down a pair of gloves but I did manage a donation to the funds. The girls laughed at the  suggestion that I might need them next winter but failed to buy them in the summer. Ah hindsight, that’s what I am good at! Still if anyone wishes to donate to Christian Aid just contact Sheila Smith here


Thank you to Anne Gardiner for the photos.

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Sending Articles for focus

People have enquired about sending in articles for Focus. We are always delighted to receive them  especially if you send a photograph with it. Articles can vary from small 100 words, medium 200 words, large 400 words. Someone perhaps has  a story, past or present. It could be a favourite poem. Or just something that we feel God wants us to share with our friends in St Meddan’s. Please remember if you are sending photographs to send them separately as j.pegs. 

It is hoped that we will have a dedicated e.mail address but in the meantime, if you could send them to:  they will get to me. 

Thank you